Grover: Can I get a strawberry daiquiri?
Steve: Did you say strawberry daiquiri?
Grover: I am comfortable in my manhood brother.
Steve: Oh yes you are. Deep dish pizzas, strawberry daiquiris. You like the finer things in life.

Chin: If I remember correctly your rendition of 'Love me' brought the house down. Look, the suit still fits.
Jerry: Oh no, this is like my sixth one, but I am just here as a spectator today.

The king is dead. Again. Come on man somebody had to say it.


Steve: I am sorry did you just say you just flew 10 hours straight with a bunch of pizzas in your suite case? Is that what you said?
Grover: You're damn right. And today is your lucky day. Because of this unexpected, pleasant little pick me up at the airport I will cut you in on a slice.

Wow this guy has got it all. Ruffles, stage presence and the most important quality when it comes to impersonating Elvis. Swagger.


Normally, when I get someone else's pants I don't go on a violent killing spree to get them back.


Steve: Every day you and I see people at their worst so it is natural to be suspicious. But I gotta tell ya, there is nothing here that points to anything other than an accident as far as I can see.
Grover: And what about a cops intuition. Huh? What about that?
Steve: Well, I absolutely believe in that. But I also know that really bad things happen sometimes for no reason at all.

Nothing takes your mind of your stomach like an autopsy.


Odell: I think we are done talking about this.
Steve: What are you talking about I told you about my mother.
Odell: You didn't tell me anything about your mother.
Steve: Okay, well she aided and abetted a man that was trying to kill me for years and then she went into hiding so I couldn't call it on her.

When you look around us, it can can be really beautiful.


I think that between the two of us, we may be able to open a luggage joint one day, you know?


So, our Torch is an exterminator. Anybody else see the irony in that?


Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

When one learns to be a warrior, one must also learn to run.

Hawaiian Proverb

[looks sick] Why did you boil his face off Max?