I know what it is like to have your family turn their back on you. Let me give you a little bit of advice. Keep moving forward, because you still have a shot at redemption. If not for your son, at least for yourself.


He called it his inheritance and as far as he was concerned you were dead to him.


The smoke seen in the dream now rises.

Hawaiian Proverb

I was gonna mail these back to your brides, but I see you got enough trouble waiting for you on the other side.


Which one of you has the lowest standards, because I am here.


Steve: Promise me one thing buddy.
Danny: What?
Steve:Gracie will get her college degree online.
Steve: Why would you even say her name here?

Jake: Glad to see you reining in those man boobs.
Mickey: You what this means? I hooked up last night.

You are gonna spend the night in a cell, and I am gonna spend the night on a plane back to Chicago. And I am gonna talk to Leanne in person, and then I am gonna search your house, and I am gonna search your car, and I am gonna search your locker and I am gonna talk to your friends. I am gonna talk to your neighbors. I am gonna talk to your pastor. I am gonna talk to everybody you know down to the guy that shines your shoes. And anything you think I can do to help you Clay, any favor I can call in, any length that I can go to, any power or influence I might have I am gonna use all of that to lock your ass up. Smoke on that.


Chin: You know Lou, a lot of guys on my old squad believed IA when they said I was a dirty cop. When I asked them why they said it was just something they could feel. They went with their instinct and turned their back on my, but they were wrong.
Grover: I am not wrong.

Grover: Can I get a strawberry daiquiri?
Steve: Did you say strawberry daiquiri?
Grover: I am comfortable in my manhood brother.
Steve: Oh yes you are. Deep dish pizzas, strawberry daiquiris. You like the finer things in life.

Chin: If I remember correctly your rendition of 'Love me' brought the house down. Look, the suit still fits.
Jerry: Oh no, this is like my sixth one, but I am just here as a spectator today.

The king is dead. Again. Come on man somebody had to say it.