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Love him or hate him, whether he survives or gets thrown to the wolves, Marty Kaan is at least his own man.

K. Warren

Clyde: How can he talk with all that cock in his mouth?
Doug: Can you nurse a hard-on?
Clyde: If anybody can do it, you can.
Doug: You're the hard-on that needs a nurse.
Clyde: Ew, what?

You can't drink that away!


Jeannie: You have serious issues.
Marty: I Know!

You never ever trust anyone until you know their angle and now you know.


We are here to open wallets not minds.


H.B.S., that's Harvard Business School cause fuck if they are going to waste their valuable time saying that whole thing.


Marty: Probably thinks we're gonna start talking in Ebonics now.
James: Oh fo shizzle.
Jeannie: Yeah boi!
Marty: No ma'am.

There is no line ok? There's just the job.

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