Foreman: House thinks I'm a robot. You think I'm a wuss?
Chase: No, no, no, no. I think you're repressed.

That was totally courageous of Khloe to tweet about her weight gain.

What are you doing? We got a patient with a walking disorder who can't seize. No wait. I'm close though, right?

He claims he can swear off sex indefinitely. Also claims that I am a boiling cauldron of repressed rage.


I love being back. Having every theory you and I share used as proof of my own personal damage.


Somehow in your knee-jerk, juvenile way, you tripped and fell into an actual adult response to this.


Foreman: You think I'm repressed too?
Taub: I think you're in danger of being dissolved by your own stomach acids.

You're lucky you're hot and smart because, well, you're just lucky you're hot and smart.


Because I can get a rise out of your BP. His pee pee, on the other hand...

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