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Lucky: Why me, why do I get to live?
Arlo: What do I look like, some sort of holy man? I can't answer that s***

Arlo: What do you want to talk to Helen about.
Helen: I imagine she would have told you if it were any of your business.

Listen Lynyrd Skynyrd, next time we're opening a d*** sucking business, I'll ask for your advice.

Drug Chemist

It's kind of hard to stay mad at Raylan.


That's my bottle. I'm not going to let you drink it all just because your daddy didn't hug you much when you were little.


I can swallow that a****** with a short glass of water.


Helen: Unless you've got $50,000 I don't know about, we've got two options: We run or you kill Bo.

You can't kill someone for jerking off.

Dewey Crowe

Raylan: I need to convince her to get out of Kentucky.
Winona: And you think dumping her, handcuffed, at your ex-wife's house is going to do the trick?

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