Major Crimes

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Major crimes
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Good Lord. Two grown men going to retrieve a frozen head.


Baird: If you people could just think it through...
Sharon: Eternal Meadows freezes people's heads!
Baird: Oh I don't know, do they?

Tao: Towards the end, did you notice an abrupt decline?
Dr. Cabrera: As declines go, death is fairly extreme.

Hold on. Arsenic? Where's the old lace? Who uses arsenic in this day in age?


When Captain Baird gives an order, we follow it, even if we can't quite remember who he is.


Rusty: I know that it's the right thing to do, I, I get that, but I just wish that doing the right thing felt better.
Sharon: Well it will feel better than doing the wrong thing, I promise you that.

How can I have a relationship with her if she can't make her using or not using about me in any way?


[to Sanchez] I want you to control your temper, right now!


Rusty: It's bad, isn't it, that she didn't check in there on her own.
Sharon: Rusty, how she got there isn't as important as what she does with it.

Rusty, your mom had a choice and she chose Signal Hill.


I am looking forward to meeting the other Sharon in your life and I'm glad she is in rehab.


Oh God. The Rules. Why did I ask?

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Major Crimes Quotes

Waddya know. A hanging Chad.


Provenza: Oh this is a crappy way to make a living. Working with the worst the world has to offer without being in charge.
Flynn: You weren't in charge for eight years.
Provenza: Yeah, but now I'm mad about it.