Jack Raydor, we could have released Ken Song last March and you kept an innocent man locked up in jail.


Aren't you American? I'm innocent until proven guilty.


Flynn: My mother didn't breastfeed me. My father didn't encourage me. Blah blah blah. They're all killers.
Rusty: Yes, I know that's what the police think. But the blah blah blah interests me.

Hobbs: The laws of physics.
Sharon: Kent Song couldn't be in two places at once.

And you... stay right here and you know, take deep breaths.


If I can ruin Jack Raydor's day, the pleasure will be all mine.


We won't ask for mercy. We won't ask for forgiveness. Just... justice.

Jack Raydor

And think about going to law school, because if you're gonna argue about everything you might as well make a living from it.

Judge Grove

You guys. You guys. This can't be right.


Sharon: Andy, did the doctor clear you to come back to work today?
Andy: Well... he didn't say I couldn't.

I'm not allowed to ask the DA if my son can interview a murder suspect.


Provenza: Are you okay?
Flynn: Yeah. Don't tell Sharon.

Major Crimes Quotes

I think Mrs. Palmer is in shock. She has already signed the consent form giving us permission to search the house so I'm giving her a moment.


Waddya know. A hanging Chad.