Harry: Never in a million years from where we started, did I think we'd end up here.
Joss: Where would you say we are?
Harry: Happy?

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Harry: I thought we weren't talking?
Joss: We're not.

Alec: You got somewhere you need to be?
Karen: As a matter of fact I have a date tonight.
Alec: Is it a first date?
Karen: Yes. It's a blind date.
Alec: Well you should definitely cancel. You look like hell.

You should probably let him get his rocks off before you two settle in. You should do the same. Wish I could do the same.

Calista [to Joss]

I am always trying to do the right thing. Always putting other people's needs above my own.


Men like women with their hair down. At least your husband does.

Model [to Calista]

You never, ever work for free. Your time is worth something.

Calista [to Joss]

April: The truth shall set you free.
Joss: Says who?
April: You know, God.

Savi know. Does Scott?

Harry [to Joss]

You can keep that two timing bitch. You two deserve each other.

Scott [to Harry]

Karen: Do I fall out? Of the group?
April: What are you talking about?
Karen: Without Savi, do I fall out? I'm afraid with her gone, our friendship will fade.

You know the only reason we're here at all is because you reached out to my sister and you asked her for help. And really that's all I was asking from you.

Mark [to April]

Mistresses Quotes

Customer: Is this the sexy sheet section?
April: This is the satin section. What's sexy to one person is a slippery elbow in the face to someone else.

Savi: Where's your wedding ring?
Harry: It's in my pocket.
Savi: Put it on.