Mark: I knew, eventually, somehow being in a relationship with you would totally pay off.
Ann: I bought him some actual towels. He was using a bathrobe. And I bought him some other things that humans usually use, like shampoo.

Why if it isn't Babe Lincoln?


Good idea! Gary had a good idea!


Tom: It's a whole documentary of my failures!
Lucy: That you made!

His barber, butcher, and lover. I have lost one of them today.


I don't understand what's the problem Officer, just train the ocean!


It's an impossible puzzle, and I love puzzles!


Andy: Ohh babe you had a crush on me, that's emabrassing!
April: We're married.
Andy: Still!

Ben: You're my sexy roommate, we love each other!
Leslie: Whoo! That's me!

Chris: Are you on your period?
Leslie: No. Does that matter?
Chris: Not for this.

I made my money the old fashioned way. Getting run over by a Lexus.


Ben: Please write it in cursive, it raises a lot of red fl-
Ron: No.

Parks & Rec Quotes

Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge, let’s go!


Andy: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as
Eagle One. Ann, code name -- Been There, Don That. April is --
Currently Doing That. Donna is -- It Happened Once in a Dream; Chris,
code name -- If I Had To Pick a Dude. Ben is -- Eagle Two.
Ben: Oh thank God.