Tom: I feel like you're embarrassed by me.
Ann: That is accurate.

Kelly: You look sad.
Tom: You look like a weird goon who's obsessed with a kid's book.

Ann’s leaving town. Ann’s saying painful goodbyes. Greatest day of my life!


The world's my gymnasium Ron!


Gilles: All due respect Miss Ludgate, do you even know what you're doing here?
April: All due respect Mr. Hamster Penis, but no, I don't.

Barney: I just can’t believe it’s finally happening!
Frank: Hi Ben. I’m Frank. I took the job when you turned it down. I’ve heard a lot about you.

Kyle: I love the Umami flavor.
Jerry: Stop being so pretentious Kyle.

Yo, my name is Brad. I like burgers and I am very high right now.


Everything is amazing. Today is perfect. And I love you.


Ben: Screw romantic dinners, let's go rub it in their face.
Leslie: God, I love you so much.

I hate to say this, but Ann Perkins has terrible taste in jewelry.


[To Leslie] Your Mom, kind of made a pass at me.