I'm from Eagleton.


Elise: Congratulations Ben, we'd like to name you woman of the year.
Leslie: Son of a bitch!

Mark: You know, not everyone has your enthusiasm for this work.
Leslie: You know, I guess I've been mispronouncing your name all these years, Mark Brendana-quits.

You're beautiful! On the inside... where your spirit lives.


Leslie: It's not cool. It's trespassing, and that is breaking the rules. Cool people make the rules. They don't break the rules. And if those kids want you to break the rules then they're not really your friends.
April: Whoa, who are you even talking about?

The mystery woman who met with Councilman Dexhart last night appears to be a government employee named Leslie Norp. According to unconfirmed reports in the Pawnee Sun, the two bent an elbow at this local watering hole, and although they left separately, no one knows whether they woke up... together.

Perd Hapley

Jamm: You’re the Superman to my Lex Luther.
Leslie: You want to be Lex Luther?
Jamm: Uh, yeah! Lex Luther is rich.

Does the carpet match the face?


I've been single for an hour now and it's the tits!

Mona Lisa

Leslie: That is not your call.
Ben: I know, it's on your badge.

Is that a drawing of my reproductive system saying "let's do this"?


Get to steppin'.


Parks & Rec Quotes

Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge, let’s go!


Just remember every time you look up at the moon, I too will be looking at a moon. Not the same moon, obviously, that’s impossible.