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Everyone shut up and look at me!


That's what you see when you close your eyes at night Jerry. Topless Leslie glued to a horse!


I'm sorry are you eating Turkey Chili off of a frisbee?


Ben: You always separate your lights from your darks.
April: That's racist.

Public Art Commission. Filled with hippies who love public art and sometimes weed. Jackpot.


There's a 30% chance they'll die.


That painting is not gonna be destroyed. Every great work of art contains a message. And the message of this painting is get out of my way unless you want an arrow in your ass Marsha.


Chris: Fresh lettuce is my all-time favorite food. What's your favorite food?
Andy: Oh, I take Skittles and I put it between two Starbursts. Know what I call it?
Chris: Skittle Sandwich?
Andy: ...That's pretty good. No, I call it Andy's Mouth Surprise. It's nice because the flavor of the Starbursts really bring out a similar flavor in the Skittles.

(referencing Lil Sebastian) I don't get it. At all. It's kind of a small horse, I mean what am I missing? Am I crazy?

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