Megan: Is it too late to jump off the balcony?
Will: I'd be very sad if you did, even though you are on the ground floor

Will: If it's any consolation, I did the same thing. The first real pictures I ever took were practically illegal
Megan: If this is going to a naked school girl place, I don't want to know about it

Patricia: I don't have time to sell Rose Baker as a solo act
Sage: I'm Sage
Patricia: My point exactly

Megan: I will give you points for style and delivery, but just so you know I was already planning on telling Laurel
Sage: Oh really? Then you better run
[Sage sends email to Laurel]
Megan: You wicked little...
[Megan takes off running]

Rose: I don't know what's sadder: that you keep all your papers or that you wear that thing around your neck
Megan: I brought this for you, I'm not that big of a fashion victim, though it does match my cardigan

Marco: Rose wanted me to tell you she's done with her reading and she's ready for your study session
Megan: Great, is sage there too?
Marco: Last I heard there were no reports of pigs flying or hell freezing over
Megan: Hmm.. think there's any chance of Laurel paying off half of my student loans if I only get Rose in Duke? ... Right, no flying pigs, hell still burning

Marco: You in here my little sunny side up?
Megan: Hey Marco
Marco: You ever gonna tell me what the clickidy clack is all about or am I going to have to wait in line on Barnes & Noble with the rest of the riff raff?

Rose: I'm so proud of us
Sage: I know we were like fairy godmothers today, except not all old and dumpy

Arthur: You really need to go through all that work for a dessert?
Marco: That's the secret to a creme brulee. Plus using a torch makes me feel butch

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