Megan: Lily got married
Charlie: What!?
Megan: Thank you for having the proper reaction. What!?

Rose: Marco, I will pay you for a protein shake
Marco: Your mother already has that covered, but I do accept tips

Luis: the final slice of a garlic clove is the most delicate, you don't want to waste any of this
Marco: Luis, you're a sous chef, not a rabbi, just cut the garlic

I do know that part of being a good boyfriend is listening... and big presents never hurt either


Will: I want a second chance
Megan: It'd be a third chance, the balcony was your second
Will: I want a third chance

I'm really glad you found me because I always thought we deserved a better ending

Miles [to Laurel]

I will take two days off your grounding if you promise never to bedazzle anything of mine again


We also have an indoor pool, but that's more for special occasions, like those three days of winter we get

Rose [to Miles]

Sage: I get really mad when my blood sugar gets low
Luis: What's your excuse for the rest of the time?

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