Will: You don't have to worry, this isn't a rebound thing. I've been out with a few women since lily and I broke things off. So by definition...
Megan: You rebounded.. and scored. Look at me using the sports metaphors!

Well, well, well. Someone fell out of bed and into a makeover. what's going on, red?


I still cannot believe your boss would fire you over this. Not only is it unfair but it's totally illegal. You know what, give me his phone number. I can be totally scary over the phone.

Megan [to Will]

Okay if I knew you were throwing a pity party I would have whipped up some hors d'oeuvres


Marco: What's with the furrowed brow? Someone suck the cream out of your eclair?
Megan: Eww

Will: I've been refilling your coffee for over a year now peter, you never had a problem with it before
Peter: I didn't know you wipe your ass with my paychecks before. I'm sorry, was that too blunt?

[the girls are eating Chinese takeout]
Megan: I told you I was gonna find a new project, I just haven't figured it out yet
Caryn: Well if you ask me, it's staring you right in the face
Megan: Pork fried rice, the effects of msg, extreme bloating

Megan: You girls are dressed a little fancy for a night of studying
Sage: We're going out
Rose: We just figured it was canceled because you have a friend it town..hi Marci
Megan: It's Caryn, nice try

Peter: I never realized will lived with his parent
Megan: I don't mean he has to live wit them, he's not a slacker or anything. I mean if my family owned half the oil in this country I'd probably live with them 'til I got married

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