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Ray: What'd you do?
Mickey: What did you do, Raymond? What did you do? Did you know Sully was f*ckin your little girlfriend Colleen behind your back? He found out who killed her and he knows who covered it up. I'd watch your back, kid.

Ray: You a Donovan or not?
Daryll: F*ck yeah I'm a Donovan.
Ray: Then get used to that prick lettin' you down.

Look at me, Ray. Look at me! It's your wife. Don't ruin this!


Mickey: What was I supposed to do? I was in prison. I saved my skin.
Sully: I know what you did. You ratted out my whole family.Poor Robby. Dyin' of the virus in there.
Mickey: It wasn't my fault. He got AIDS before I was in there, takin' it up the ass in secret, c'mon!
Sully: Yeah, alright, he was half a fag. I walked in on him once. Scared the shit out of me. I didn't know what the f*ck they were doin.
Mickey: It is confusin.

Mickey: So how'd you find me?
Sully: I didn't. Ray found me.

What's goin' on with you, Ray? I've been doin' fite nite for years, you've been here, what? Three times? What's changed?


Put on some clothes, Mick, we're goin' for a drive.


Conor: How can he be our uncle?
Bridget: Oh my God, you're a moron.
Abby: He's half black sweetheart.
Conor: I still don't understand.

You're gorgeous, you know that? Do you know how beautiful you are?

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