Evan: I love ya.
Hank: Like you.

Stupid body!


Hank: Oh, okay, so you're gonna take credit for everything that happens in my life post-Brooklyn?
Evan: Man, a butterfly flaps its wings.

That's not a choice!

Evan & Hank [to Divya]

You don't need 20 year old glucose clogging up your system.

Hank[to Evan]

I expect you to be bothered.


Jill: So how does pizza and a shower sound?
Hank: Like the crust would get soggy.

You know, Evan, it occurs to me that you brothers name is a doctor. And his name is Hank.

Dr. Cacani

I love you guys.


Evan: I'm just gonna say this fast so we can get it over with: you're on it.

Just let me say that everyone here loves you like crazy.

Eddie R.

Are you going to a tea or a funeral?