Royal Pains

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Royal pains
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We're not married?!


Jeremiah: Unless he thought he could count on me to give him what he wanted without asking questions.
Divya: Jeremiah, you cannot blame yourself.

Well, the people have spoken. That's it. We gave it our best shot.


Hank is on drugs. We're gonna help him.

Eddie R.

If someone we love is in trouble, interrupt me.


Just let me say that everyone here loves you like crazy.

Eddie R.

Is that what I think it is, because I don't think it could get any worse?!


I love you guys.


Back to helping patients just like the super doctor you are.


I was going to pick up Indian food, but I thought it might be offensive.


Evan: Your mom is actually here.
Divya: Why wouldn't she be?
Evan: Because it's my birthday....

Nothing grandiose about that...

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