When your a teenager all you wanna do is buy beer. When you've hit thirty, all you wanna do is get carded.


Carrie: How old are they?
Samantha: Thirteen.
Carrie: But they sound....
Samantha: I know...
Carrie: And they dress...
Samantha: I know, just like us.

Do you realise that a thirteen year old girl just bought us a two hundred bottle of Dom Perignon? You know what I was buying when I was thirteen? Nothing! I couldn't afford anything, I was serving dilly bars at Dairy Queen.


Carrie: Wade, wait.
Wade: What?
Carrie: (laughing) The chicken wings. If they see the chicken wings they're gonna know...we were smoking the pot.

Miranda: This is what happens to tongue thrusters? Am I hideous? Carrie: No. Hey, no, no, they don't look so bad.
Miranda: Really?
Carrie: That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Samantha: Are you in pain? I'm in pain just looking at you.

Charlotte: My marriage is a fake fendi.
Miranda: Excuse me?
Charlotte: Trey and I look like the perfect couple from the outside but on the inside its all fake, it's not special. He can't even get it up.
Samantha: What?
Charlotte: We've never had sex...
Miranda: But, you've been married for...
Charlotte: Over a month.
Samantha: You've never had sex?
Carrie: It's not a physical thing, it's emotional.
Miranda: You knew about this?
Carrie: She told me at the wedding.

Charlotte: Could you have more comdoms?
Samantha: I did, yes.
Charlotte: I'm just so happy to be out of that condom stage of life.
Miranda: Here I thought it was called my thirty's.

(to Samantha, who's offered to take Charlotte to a Playboy Mansion party) Why would that cheer her up? Does she look like a 22-year-old frat boy?


Carrie: Nothing surprises me anymore. Apparently, in LA housesitters are somebody and New York writers are prostitutes.
Samantha: Sweetie, your at least a high class escort.
Carrie: Thank you.

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