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Let the mysterious ways of our people show you a new way of tampons!

Carlos Ramirez and Chief Running Pinto

Holistic medicine is about nature! (To Sheila) That will be $233.

Miss Information

Mr. Mackey: What do you love most?
Mr. Garrison: Besides teaching?
Mr. Mackey: Yes
Mr. Garrison: Poon tang
Mr. Mackey: Mmkay.
Mr. Garrison: I can't help it. I'm a womanizer sometimes I know but I just think that bringing a woman home and getting some hot poon is about the greatest thing in the world.
Mr. Mackey: Well that settles it Mr. Garrison, what you need to do is go write a great romance novel!

Careful Cartman, you might pop your stitches.


Get Well Soon, Kyle Song:
Butters: (singing) We're so sorry you're not feeling well.
We hope you're better soon.
So we're bringing you some sunshine
By, um, singing you this tune:
Everybody misses you
And though we hate to cause a fuss
We'd like to say, "Get well soon!"
And "Please don't die on us."

Don't get too close to Kyle; it looks like he might have the AIDS.

Mrs. Cartman

Stan: You suck Cartman!
Cartman: Maybe so, but at least I was smart enough to a wear Kidney Blocker 2000!

(Stan and Kyle are at Cartman's house convincing Cartman to donate one of his kidney's to Kyle)
Stan: Dude, one of your friends are gonna die! Don't you see how serious this is?
Kenny(muffles): It's not that f**king serious!
Kyle: Coughs twice
Cartman: Well, perhaps I can see a way for giving up kidney for a price!
Stan: Oh my god!
Kyle: How much?
Cartman: I don't know, how much is your life worth to you, Kyle?
Stan: Cartman, you are SO going to hell when you die!
Cartman: Yes, well until then. I need about $10 million dollars.
Kenny(muffles): $10 MILLION DOLLARS?!?!?
Stan: What the hell will you do with $10 million dollars, fat ass?
Cartman: What I attend to do with the money isn't an issue is it? I suggest you start looking for that money quickly, Kyle doesn't seem have much time. Tick Tock Tick Tock.
Stan: C'mon Kyle! Let's get out of here!
Cartman: Ok, where were we Kenny? Oh yeah! Quick, Captain, we must destroy the engine of agent 5! Give me the space cruiser!
Cartman starts to grab the Space Cruiser out of Kenny's hands. Kenny starts to tug it back to him
Cartman: Give it Kenny meeh!

Principal Victoria: Mr. Garrison, last week's charges of trying to solicit sex from a minor...
Mr. Garrison: That was not me! That was Mr. Hat!

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