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And it will be like a taco inside taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!


Dr. Chinstrap: If they don't, it'll be the end of Europe as we know it.
Sharon: Why?
Dr. Chinstrap: Because.

Inception Guy #1: Is this the dream, or the dream within the dream?
Inception Guy #2: It doesn't matter! Just keep shooting!

Dr. Chinstrap: We need you, Freddy.
Freddy Kruger: Yeah, like you needed me to kill those teenagers to stop the Russians?

When a chick says we need to talk, you might as well start punching yourself in the balls, dude.


Sharon: Just because an idea is over convoluted and complex doesn't make it cool. Going into multiple dream levels sounds like a really stupid idea.
Cobb: You don't get it because you're not smart enough.

If you throw that away, I will rape you in the mouth.

Mr. Mackey

I'm like the mailman!


Butterflies have no concern for such things. Now I'm gonna go find myself some butterfly poon.

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