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Phil Collins: You shouldn't laugh at people with disabilities!
Man on Street: (points at Collins) Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

(After taking the Ritalin antidote)
Stan: Wait a minute! Phil Collins sucks ass!
Kyle: Yeah! what the hell were we thinking? Boooooo!

Phil Collins: And now, I'd like to sing the complex and amazing song that won me the Oscar, a song entitled: 'You'll be in me.' Thanks. 'You'll be inside of me, deep inside of me. So deep inside, I can feel you pushing against my heart.'

Chef: Hold on a second, you children want to go see Phil Collins?
Stan: Yes, his flowing melodies are really enjoyable to us.

(Chef shows the parents a video on non-medication treatment for ADD)
Dr. Shay: (on video) Hello, I'm Dr. Richard Shay, here to tell you about my exciting new drug-free treatment for children with Attention Deficit Disorder. (Several hyper and rambling children) This treatment is fast and effective and it doesn't use harmful drugs. Watch closely as I apply treatment to the first child. (SMACK) SIT DOWN AND STUDY! If you would like more information on my bold new treatments, please send away for this free brochure entitled: 'You can either calm down, or I can pop you in the mouth again.'

Cartman: You know what you guys: we should go to the concert anyways, and see Phil Collins.
Kyle: Yeah, I think Phil Collins rocks the house.

Phil Collins: Nice to meet you, I'm Phil Collins.
Skylar: Oh yeah, you're opening for us at Lollapalazava.

MTV Announcer: The band prepares for its biggest gig: Lollapaloodada.

And now it's time for MTV News, the news that is single handedly responsible for dumbing down the nation. Which is cool.

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