There's nothing glamorous about being a detective. Why do you think I stayed in patrol?


Well it's going to be a long time before you get another drink so you might want to get your swerve on.


If I'm going to get fired, it might as well be for doing the job the right way


Lydia: What the Hell are you doing?
Naomi: What does it look like. Getting my swerve on.

Ben: Unarmed fourth graders, what are they going to do throw a Tranformer at somebody.
Dewey: Where the Hell's Optimus Prime when you need him?

We can not have her testify looking like the fourth Charlie's Angel.


Lydia: He was innocent. He shot himself.
Russell: I know. I couldn't have predicted that.

Mariella: You're good with kids.
Sammy: I don't know about that. I think they just sense that I'm one of them.

I find it novel Dewey, every once in a while to give a shit.

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