Bob: Midge, you don't know the first thing about having a business.
Midge: But there's no risk, Bob.
Bob: Why not?
Midge: Because it's your money!

Kelso: Hey, I love her.
Eric: No, you don't.
Kelso: Okay, I don't.

Fez: Oh, I know who I can ask to the Prom!
Hyde: Oh boy! Who Fez?
Fez: The lucky lady is... my English teacher!
Kelso: Fez, you can't take a teacher to the Prom!
Fez: Why not? She's always writing sexy comments on my homework: Nice Job, Good Effort, See Me, I love you... Okay, I made the last one up, but the other ones were real.

Oh, I am so excited to be in the food service industry. May I cut the cheese?

</i> Fez

Kelso: Autumn is harvest time for the farmer. At dawn, my dad and I were out in the fields, picking carrots fresh off the trees.
Hyde: Kelso, carrots don't... that's good, you should put that down.

When I go to the hospital, I like to not die.


Donna: So, what do you guys wanna do when you grow up?
Eric: Um, not touch dead people. Ever.

Donna: I have to go to the bathroom. Jackie?
Jackie: Oh my God, Donna, you have never asked me to go to the bathroom with you before!
Donna: Yeah, it's a big day.

Jackie: Look, I need to talk to someone. I can really use a friend right now.
Eric: Okay then well, good luck with that.

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