If you want to help, leave. [Nick exhales.] Even your breathing is annoying!


Who's going to play my love interest? And don't say it's one of you two clowns.


If this is you looking bad, I'm a very lucky man.


What kind of self-respecting Canadian doesn't know how to skate?


Nothing is expensive when your life is at stake.


Kal: Thank you. For helping me.
Abby: I'm not helping you. I'm using you. I just want to make sure Tariq is okay.

Roxanne: Then we'll take the personality test.
Connor: To see if I have a personality?

Sabrina: I need you to do me a favor today. I need you to go against your instincts and try not to talk at all.
Nick: I won't make a good first impression!
Sabrina: You never do, so don't worry about it.

I read in GQ he (Kal) gave his producer a house as a housewarming gift.

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