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Pete: I'm just focused on the hate-date.
Jenny: I don't know, Pete.
Andre: What about those flowers you got her?
Pete: They were hate flowers.
Andre: And the poem you wrote her?
Pete: Hate poem.

Taco: You can lead a horse to horse-c*ck, but you can't make him eat it.
Ruxin: That is not a Chinese proverb.
Taco: That's what it said on my fortune scrotum!

Andre: Gina, you look absolutely stunning tonight.
Gina: Thank you, although it's not really a compliment coming from you, because you look like you run the jerk-off stand at a Romanian sex circus.

Remember--his weak spot is his d*ck!


It smelled like Nick Nolte and Gary Busey were doing squats in there.


Kevin: You trade-roofied me!
Andre: I didn't come here to have my character assassinated, like Lincoln at the end of the movie--spoiler alert!

Ruxin: Are you on bath salts right now?
Rafi: Oh yeah, big time.

So it could be Alzheimer's OR adultery.


Mash-ups are my specialty. I've been called the Girl Talk of the floral world.

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