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Ruxin: Are you on bath salts right now?
Rafi: Oh yeah, big time.

So it could be Alzheimer's OR adultery.


Mash-ups are my specialty. I've been called the Girl Talk of the floral world.


Where do you put Chalupa Batman to bed? In the pantry or the freezer section?


We're brothers! It's weird if I DON'T sit on your lap!


My defenses are looking weaker than a drunk single girl in her thirties at her little sister's wedding.


I love this place, it is awesome! It's right down the street from the dog grooming van where I get my hair cut. And I don't need wi-fi, because my neighbors have sex all the time and I can see them.


She looks like she belongs on a beer poster, and I look like the guy who makes you answer riddles before you cross a bridge.


It's like listening to Kevin and Jenny have sex. Two minutes of silence, and then tears.


Next time, jerk off in your van like a gentleman.


I got two tickets to Salad-ise!


Repair Guy: I don't know who teaches a dog to bark at someone's dick!
Taco: This guy does!

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The League Quotes

Taco: What the hell's "M.L.A"?
Kevin: It means "Mouth Like Anus."

I'm gonna install a safe word, so that if I ever feel uncomfortable during the game, I'm gonna say 'Fidelio,' and you guys will know what to do.