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One of you here is Red John.


You have no idea what you've meant to me. What you mean to me.


You're the most honest person I know. You would never lie, not about something like this.


Jane: After close 20 years working in law enforcement you're just changing your mind?
Lisbon: About Red John, yes.

Some men, men like Red John, they don't deserve a trial. They don't deserve a jury. They deserve what they have coming to them.


Oh don't tell me you married the genial oaf. Oh.


Haffner: I'm not afraid of Patrick Jane.
Lisbon: Then what's the problem with showing up?

Seriously, why are you always holding out on me. You don't think I'm Red John do you?


Haffner: What investigation?
Teresa: It's not important.
Haffner: Really, it is if you want my help.

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