We had nothing to do with this but we would have if they'd asked.


I don't care about money. I just want Patrick Jane to suffer. I want him to suffer a lot.


See what you don't understand about me Rich is that I don't care. I've got nothing to lose. I've been playing with the house money for years and if I go to prison for what I do to you, I don't care.


Jane, whatever it takes. Please I'm begging you. We have to get Grace back.


I understand how you're feeling right now, believe me but you are a father and you have children you need to see grow up. Besides, I think she's still alive.


Think about what you're doing. These are people I car a lot about.


No rest for the wicked. Where did the wheel of death stop today?


Jane: I think we should trust our instincts.
Cho: You mean take a wild guess.

When you're FBI people tend to give you what you want.


This place is creepy. If you think I'm going to search this dump by myself you are gravely mistaken.


Jane: I slept at the compound.
Lisbon: With the peanut butter people?

Dealing with distrust and disdain for half the paycheck I got at CBI? No, I am not enjoying Internal Affairs.


The Mentalist Quotes

Belinda Bittaker: You can sneer at me all you'd like.
Patrick Jane: I will, thank you.

Jane: The point is there's a coded message here.
Cho: Or doodles.