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Lisbon: You're a wanted man.
Jane: Well, I like to think so.

Abbott: It's a damn shame Teresa. By all accounts, you were a good cop.
Lisbon: I still am.

I don't have to use a funny voice, you know who this is.


If you have ever done anything even remotely questionable, we will find out and we will prosecute.


We're done. There's nothing more to do here.


I'm Special Agent in Charge Teresa Lisbon. Who the hell are you?


Rigsby: And we're good with that, killing the boss?
Van Pelt: I am.
Cho: Yeah.

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You need a favor you ask for it. You get asked to do something, you do it.

Reede Smith

Get up off your ass and walk but hey, good luck getting out of the building before your friends catch up with you.


Lisbon: I'll have Cho track down the body but Partridge could be buried by now.
Jane: Well, have Cho bring a shovel.

Lisbon: A secret society of dirty cops.
Jane: And Red John's a member.

Do not trust anyone in law enforcement. Anyone at all.

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