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Professor Impossible: Ok Dean, who's first?
Mr. Polygamy: I am Mr. Polygamy and this is Mrs. Polygamy, Mrs. Polygamy, Mrs. Polygamy, and Mrs. Polygamy.

Phantom Limb: On the upside, Vernor did a great job as the cabby, until you gassed him.
Professor Impossible: Alright that's just passive aggressive friend.

Night, night Doctor Venture, pleasant screams.

Phantom Limb

Dr. Venture: Oh, if that suit could talk.
Hank: It would say "Kill me, I am a hideous monster."

Dr. Orpheus: changing the terms of my child support.
The Alchemist: Remember when your wife use to screw you without paperwork.

Al, quit eyeballing the Nancy, we are on a case.


Hank: Not the hat.
Nikki: Why is that you're lucky hat?
Hank: I don't know yet, ask me in the morning.

What was it like? Like naked skydiving into a mountain of warm whip cream.


Sgt. Hatred: Don't you think we should let your old men go?
Hank: Soon, I'm still waiting for his random checks to clear.

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