Let me ask you something, did he ever hit you? Did he ever tell you were shit? Fondle your balls? Then quit acting like moody emo dickhole. Mitch may be may be a self hating alcoholic mess but he loves the crap out of you. Let him back into your life or I swear to God I’ll come to fagitty track meets and take a bat to your knee cap.


Demetri: Now let's have angry sex on the kitchen counter.
Nancy: Timing, Demetri.

I kind of want to touch his bicep, like once. Why is that?


She values 8 percent of me.

Andy [on Nancy]

Shane: Ask me why I'm like a musician.
Nancy: Why are you like a musician?
Shane: Because I'm playing that detective like a fiddle!

Let him back into your life or I'll come to one of your faggoty track meets and take a bat to your kneecaps.


Fleecing New York’s upper crust while they’re on vacation is a Botwin family tradition.


Silas: You had Emma arrested.
Nancy: Emma had Emma arrested.
Silas: That's bullshit.
Nancy: That's business.

Une M're Que J'aimerias Baiser. It's french, for MILF.

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