I’m murdering somebody. Killing them. It’s bad. Bloody. Anybody care? No? Living your myopic lives? Okay, cool...


Credit to you guys. You might be the most fucked up family I’ve ever come across. And I went to private school.


You’re probably ten years out of braces and I’m pretty sure you haven’t tried to raise three sons. You have no clue what you’re getting into.


Do you guys have a body count? Cause the Botwins do.


First you fucked me. Thanks. Then you fucked my business. And then randomly my Uncle's bike shop.


It's fine. I've seen that show Life After People. This will all be reclaimed by the Earth soon enough. All swap and moss, weird looking birds.


Nancy: The safe?
Silas: Never told her the combo.
Nancy: That must be second date material.

What’s the matter Agent Scary Lips? You tastin’ Doug Wilson’s world-famous beef stew? How’s it goin' down? It’s kinda spicy, right?


You keep partnering up with the wrong son.

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