Our God is a forgiving God.


Andy: Oh Shit! Flush the drugs! Eat! Drugs! Drugs! Drugs!
Doug: What!? No drugs?!

(to Nancy) Can I drive it at least once before you set it on fire? Please! I've been kidnapped.


I'll lead in the God mobile, you follow.


Doug: Ohh nice mirror on the ceiling.
Silas: What's with all the hooks?

Jesus Christ. It's like I have to do everything myself.


Andy: This is tasty.
Silas: It's leftover from Seattle. I just added a little cinnamon for flavor.
Andy: Sometimes I think you're the son I never had.
Silas: Thanks.
Andy: I'm serious. I feel a special kinship.
Silas: Cause we're related.
Andy: I'm talking spiritual kinship.

Outlaws don't refer to themselves as outlaws. Just an FYI.


I'm Ted Wilson now, very responsible.


I'm good with babies. They see me as a kindred spirit slash taller version of themselves. Go be free.


I win sh*t all the time. It's in the bag.


Silas: Shane, get over yourself. No one cares.
Shane: You're just jealous.
Silas: Of what?
Shane: That mom likes me more now.

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Weeds Season 6 Quotes

Nancy: Shane - Don't let go of that stick thing.
Shane: It's called a mallet.

It's cool how the lights change color. Wonder if it's a salt water pool - doesn't sting your eyes like chlorine. Not that that's her problem.