It's also racist to assume all Asians are bad drivers, but they are.


Lit a match to hide the stench.


Hang on bro! I got a mudslide coming.


Silas: What's next another concert? Mom?
Nancy: Copenhagen. But first, one more stop.

Thanks for the blow job.


I'm a hero! I'm a hero! I can't taste my beer anymore.


I'm so done with this country. We need to go someplace far far away.


I think that was her.

FBI agent

Her name is Medusa.


Shane: How the hell are we going to sell has to a kids concert?
Silas: Actually, this will be okay.

Silas, really, you're in charge.


Shane: What happened to your arm?
Doug: I dropped my keys in a porto potty. There was a raccoon in there. I punched it out.

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Weeds Season 6 Quotes

Nancy: Shane - Don't let go of that stick thing.
Shane: It's called a mallet.

It's cool how the lights change color. Wonder if it's a salt water pool - doesn't sting your eyes like chlorine. Not that that's her problem.

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