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Derek: We should do a middle falset craniotomy approach, lets go some down burs in here.
Mark: Don't bother. I ordered them before we started. I may be irresponsible and untrustworthy out there, but I'm not in here.
Derek: I never said you were untrustworthy.
Mark: You put the berlin wall up around Lexie.
Derek: Well, Meredith asked me to. That's what people do when someone they care about asks them to do something. They do it. Which is what you should have done when I asked you to stay away from Lexie. Or Addison for that matter.
Mark: Oh, here we go. Addison. The only note he can ever play.
Derek: You know, was gonna apologize for decking you, cos I felt bad. But now, I'm just gonna play it over and over again in my head and really enjoy it. (Patients starts bleeding out) Oh Hell...
Mark: It's coming from the Therogloid plexus. Give me the ah, 4 O vicryl
Derek: The 4 O vicryl.
Mark: Give him the 4 O vicryl.
Derek: Clamp.
Mark: You know what, I'm done. I give up. If I hadn't fallen for little Grey, you would have found some other way not to respect me, you always have. To you, I'm always gonna be the charity case the Shepherds had to take in. I got the bleeder.
Derek: You got through the stitch already?
Mark: Yeah.
Derek: Hmmm.

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