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Meredith: Ok, before you guys go in there and start cutting on this patient you need to apologize to each other. If not for the patient, for me. Or, for Lexie. Look at her! Her face is breaking out, her ass is humungous.
Lexie: It's true, I had to get the scrubs with the elastic waist band.
Meredith: If you don't apologize right now, she's not scrubbing in.
Lexie: I won't, and you can't make me! (shoves another cookie into her mouth) This should be a joyful time. Your best friends getting married, you should be the best man.
Derek: The Chief will be my best man.
Meredith: What?
Lexie: Is my ass really that...
Meredith: Lexie, would you excuse us please? (Lexie leaves) The Chief?
Derek: The best man is my choice. When are you gonna let go of the grudge you have against the chief?
Meredith: Derek, the man had an affair with my mother. Broke up my parents marriage, and basically destroyed my childhood. Meanwhile, you've been best friend with Mark for 20 years, and you're willing to throw all that away over nothing. So, don't talk to me about holding grudges. I'll get over mine, when you get over yours.

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