Meredith: You're laughing?
Alex: She's laughing.
Izzie: [laughing] George is dead! He's dead! They're about to put him in the ground and the priest is doing classic rock lyrics! And that girl, that redhead, is crying harder than his mother and she never even met him!
Cristina: You are far more twisted than I ever realized.

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I had been anxiously waiting for this show all summer, worried Izzie would die and leave the show. I watched and was sad by everything happening. The laughing scene at the grave yard was ingenious! I laughed until I almose peed in my pants! Issie, Meredith, ALL OF THEM were so real in this scene. Issie should definitely win an award for it, however,
they were all fantastic! It was one of my favorite scenes ever for a television show! Great, great work! Totally unexpected, and it really worked!!! I love this show! Sorry George left, as I loved George, like everyone else, but I am so relieved that Izzie didn't die and leave!


I was crying during the whole hour. Then Izzie was laughing and everyone was it made me laugh. I wish geroge didn't die through

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Alex: Woah, woah... she wants it out. Can't we take it out?
Cristina: She's breathing over the vent.
Richard: Alright, let's pull out the tube.
Meredith: (appears) Dr. Bailey...

In medical school, we have a hundred lessons that teach us how to fight off death, and not one lesson on how to go on living.

Meredith (narrating)

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Song This Sweet Love James Yuill iTunes
Wade in the water Wade In The Water Sweet Honey In The Rock iTunes
The fox The Fox O+S iTunes