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The Alphas investigate a hospital haunted by an Alpha on tonight's Alphas, while Nina tries to help Kat unlock her memories. Find out if Kat remembered anything in our review!
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The Alphas track down Nina and bring her in on tonight's Alphas, although Nina doesn't make things easy on them. Find out how Nina pushes the Alphas in our review!
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The Alphas welcome some new members to the group on tonight's Alphas. Find out if the new kids fit right in or if they're just a waste of space in our review!
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The team comes back together in tonight's Alphas premiere to rescue Bill and Gary from rogue Alphas who've taken over Binghamton. Read our review to see how everything has changed since last season!
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If I fix it, I can get to drive the car.


Take this ticket and eat it. Take the carbon copy too.