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The Harmons end the season on a happy, deceased note on the American Horror Story finale.

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I have two theories why the Croatoan spell didn't work in eposdie 11:1 Billie Dean said that the people on Roanoke island collected the personal belongings of the spirits to summon them and then banished them by saying the word Croatoan, but maybe what was missing in her information was that the personal belongings ment something dear to their dead owners. In the eposdie Violet throws Chad s Rolex in the fire and says the word but nothing happens because it's just a watch, it doesn't mean a lot to him and Patrick's wedding ring was also useless because he doesn't love him anymore and he was going to run away with another man. It might have worked if she had Chad's wedding ring instead..2 Maybe the word Croatoan worked the first time because it was in the context of the Lost Colony story with Hatteras Island (historically Croatoan Island) and Roanoke Island. The spell isn't a shelf product, "One size fits all" style, and perhaps Violet needed another word, somthing in the context of the Murder House history.