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Jenna's secret hook up with Colin may be exposed on the mid-season return of Awkward.

"Redefining Jenna"

Tensions run high between Jenna and Matty when Colin invites her to his place for a photography shoot on Awkward.

"Reality Check"

Jenna begins to develop feelings for Collin on Awkward.

"Rubbed Raw and Reeling"

During a challenge with Mr. Hart, Jenna is shocked by a revelation she has concerning herself on Awkward

"Guilt Trippin'"

Jenna attends a dance but suffers from bad memories of times past on Awkward.

"That Girl Strikes Again"

On Halloween, the ghosts from Jenna's past arise again on Awkward.

"Indecent Exposure"

Jenna begins to think twice about their relationship when Matty moves in on Awkward.

"Let's Talk About Sex"

It becomes Awkward when Jenna's father tries to intervene in her and Matty's relationship.

"A Little Less Conversation"

Jenna starts to question her relationship with Matty becomes distant on Awkard.

A Different View
"Cha cha cha changes / Responsibility Irresponsible "

In the season 3 premiere of Awkward, Jenna begins to think about life after high school. Then, a fellow classmates death leads Jenna to take more responsibility.