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Veronica tells Ted that Veridian Dynamics is looking for a new food product after its Extra Fun Mac & Cheese is no good due to its injuring customers and all.  Ted's boys have been working on growing meat in a lab without the use of of cows and Veronica wants him to push that.  However, she wants Phil off the project because they're fearful Phil will sue on account of his uncontrollable screaming from the freezing from the previous episode.  Ted comes up with a way to try and keep Phil happy.. by honoring him as a hero for being a pioneer and volunteering to freeze himself.  Veronica creates the award and they honor him with an award.

The award soon goes to Phil's head and it causs tension between him and Lem and they can no longer work together and making matters even worst is that taste tests indicate the meat tastes like despair!  Meanwhile, the evil Veronica uses her powers of seduction to trick Phil into signing away his rights to sue.  Ted convinces Phil that Lem is probably angry because he left him without any consideration when he went to freeze himself for a year.  Phil and Lem quickly apologizze to each other and all is good.  They figure out the meat ball tastes gross because unlike a real cow it gets no excercise so has no muscle.  They figure out shocking it with electricity promotes the muscle growth and it turns out they were right... it's delicious!

As usual, throughout the episode Linda and Ted spend the episode with uncontrollable sexual tension and complaining that Ted wasted his office affair.  Linda stops stealing creamers when Ted starts buying replacements ruining her plan.  She switches to wasting paper towels in the bathroom to keep her sanity.

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