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It's Ellie day, but all Jules wants to do is sit around and mope about her life, so Ellie takes off to her tennis lesson with her fake boyfriend / instructor she's in love with, Alex.  Jules ends up tagging along to the lesson, makes it about her, and steals Alex by scoring a date.  Upset, Ellie stops talking to Jules until eventually she tells her post divorce, Jules has made it all about her.  She apologizes and they make it Ellie night.

Meanwhile, Bobby is devastated from the Jules "breakup" and keeps going on drinking benders, often bringing Andy and Grayson with him.  Eventually Andy builds up the stones and actually tells Bobby he'll recover, but needs another way.

Laurie goes to Trav for advice and gets his help in getting some of her stuff back from Dale.  The only problem is she actually has him steal Dale's stuff for her.

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