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Cougar Town Review: "All the Wrong Reasons"

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Okay we admit we were a little harsh during our review of the last episode of Cougar Town, so we've come into this week's installment, "All the Wrong Reasons," with a much more open mind.  The show has vastly improved since its shaky pilot, and to keep holding our initial reactions is unfair to the show, so here we go!

This week had two main plotlines and one side one, and we'll go over each separately in our review:

Jules and Ellie.  We love with the besties have a plot together, since these two actresses play so well off each other.  This week it was the two of them competing over Ellie's fake boyfriend slash tennis instructor, Alex.  When Jules made Ellie's day all about her, scoring a date with the tennis instructor was the last straw. 

Jules Plays Tennis

Ellie finally stood up to Jules and said what we've been thinking since the pilot: boo hoo, sorry your marriage didn't work and you're single and forty, but get over it!  You're still a successful, ridiculously good-looking woman.  I can't imagine life will be that tough, and so far it's been pretty entertaining for us to watch!

Bobby's Bender.  We get why Bobby feels the way he does.  We'd be pretty pissed if we lost Jules and were living on a land-locked boat.  Luckily, Bobby's drinking led to some hilarious adventures with Grayson and Andy.  The three of these guys combined are the strength of the show to us.

Between Andy dressing as a woman, the swapping of pants, beer can jails, and a hilarious photo montage, the plot line provided plenty of laughs.  Meanwhile, the emotional part of the episode where alpha dog Andy found his stones and gave Bobby and pep talk was amazing.  From Bobby encoruaging him to do it to telling him to look away and not get lost in his eyes if it helps, it was even funny as they did it.  Seacrest out.

Laurie and Travis.  Travis is actually one of our favorite characters and we feel he's often under-utilized.  Unfortunately, he and Laurie, who actually have cute chemistry together, where shoved in the back as the C story.  That's fine because other than the hilarious premise of Laurie tricking Travis into stealing things for her, there wasn't much to their story.  Just that we know one day she's totally going cougar on his ass.

Overall, we definitely enjoyed the episode so prepare for a deluge of Cougar Town quotes:

Jules: I'm actually feeling a little guilty. Last night you left your purse here and when the pizza man came i was two dollars short, so I took it from you.
Ellie: Two bucks? Big deal.
Jules: I also took a pack of gum, lipstick, and 28 other dollars. I was going out to get wine.
Ellie: You stole from me to support a drinking habit? I am so proud of you. | permalink
Jules: I want to put that on a string and wear it around my neck.
Ellie: sweetie, when you say people's body parts are so adorable you want to wear them, it makes you seem a little serial killer-ey, especially when you do it about kids.
Jules: I'd love to have a scarf of little baby hands.
Ellie: See, that's not a great out loud thought. | permalink
Bobby: Come on man, it's time to start living like you have a mustache.
Grayson: Now that's gibberish.
Andy: No, it's not. It means I have to ask myself the ultimate question, what would Burt Reynolds do? | permalink
Jules: Would you help us figure out who gets dibs on a guy.
Laurie: Well that's easy, which one of you is pregnant?
Jules: No one.
Laurie: Then I got nothing. | permalink


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I looooved the mini-Hangover storyline that the boys had. The photo montage was awesome!