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When the Dalek fleet surrounds a rebel ship it is the Doctor who is left to help. 

Claire meets Danny Pink and we learn a bit about him, but before she can go out for drinks, The Doctor pops back into her life for an incredible mission.

They're going into a Dalek to find out why he's turned good.

As The Doctor tries to restore the Dalek's goodness, there is surprising turn of events.


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Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 2 Quotes

Rusty: Victory is yours, but it does not please you?
The Doctor: You looked inside me and you saw hatred. That's no victory. Victory would've been a good Dalek.
Rusty: I am not a good Dalek. You are a good Dalek.

Clara: Is the wooden sound you or the desk?
Danny: How long have you been there?
Clara: Longer than you would like.
Danny: OK.
Claire: [laughs] Are you going to look that terrified when you take me out for a drink?
Danny: I... I absolutely promise I won't.
Clara: Play your cards right and you might. [laughs]

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