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In the premiere episode of Season 10, the Griffin family wins the lottery and lives the good life until Peter manages to blow it all... twice.

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Fuck all of you the episode was great N if u think it was boring then go fuk yourself


This episode really wasn't that great. Which is weird because usually the season premier is always entertaining. Automatically you know they're gonna lose it all, but how is the question. Unfortunately they spent it on stupider then stupid things it was just stupid. Having his longtime friends act like assholes to get cash from him was almost revolting. The best part of the show was when peter turned em into his bitches and shot em with the beebee gun. The ducktales scene was pretty good to. But other then that, just boring.


Fuck you Mike Shinoda

Family Guy Season 10 Episode 1 Quotes

You want to have it down at the bank where the Jewish guys can leer at it?


We won! I'm getting a penis butler!