Family Guy Review: "Lottery Fever"

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Welcome back, Family Guy

The 10th season of this Fox sitcom kicks off with an unexpected glitch in the opening montage. Peter impregnated one with of the dancers? AWK-ward! And it's awesome. The Simpsons style, they should change up the opening more often.

Family Guy Premiere Scene

Unfortunately, “Lottery Fever” was a bit too Peter-centric and predictable, despite an intriguing premise: what would the Griffins be like if they were rich? Sure, no one actually expects Peter to be able to handle anything, let alone piles and piles of cash, but who knows what crazy things Stewie and Brian could do with all that extra money?

The episode would have been vastly improved if we had more Stewie and Brian. Stewie got himself a huge aerial mobile to help him doze off in his palatial yard, but what are Brian’s money fetishes? More alcohol? More women? More pretentiousness?

Scene after scene of Peter acting like a douche to his friends just wasn’t interesting enough to watch for 23 minutes. The highlight of Peter’s unreasonable demands was definitely asking Joe to tape ONLY the “boob” parts of True Blood. As much as I love my vampires and True Blood, it was amusing to see Peter’s exchange with Anna Paquin as she laid in Bill’s arms... post-coital, natch.

Even a lackluster premiere produces a handful of hilarious Family Guy quotes, of course. Follow the preceding link to browse through them all!


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IMBD has rated Lottery Fever a 10 as of September 27th. I cannot but agree. A few gags were over the top even by Family Guy standards, but if you "got" the rough jokes, good lord are they funny. For instance, the "blood diamond" which Peter gives Lois - most people I expect would get the blood diamond comment about the brothers killing one another, but Peter's comment, "yeah I've watched it eight times so I know just when to Hack!" That is a remarkably sick, and incredibly funny comment, if one understands the porn metaphor. Another porn metaphor in this episode is the best gag of "Lottery Fever." This occurs when Peter commands Quagmire to smear the chocolate pop over his face. Peter looks at Quagmire in disgust, and calls him a filthy whore. (I believe I quoted this correctly) This is a sickly, hysterical metaphor; one which the viewer either gets or does not get. Lottery Fever dispalys Peter at his "out of control" best. -A Materpiece


So the American Dad better than Family Guy switcharoo continues. Mind you, I thought the last season started poorly and then grew into itself a bit, so maybe we'll still get some gems, but this wasn't one.

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