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Brian's gay cousin Jasper announces he's going to marry his partner at the Griffin's.  Mayor West bands gay marriages to cover up another scandal of his.  Peter and Lois question their views on gay marriage while Chris joins "young republicans" to impress a girl.

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Family Guy Season 4 Episode 25 Quotes

Did you hear that Meg? Guys can marry other guys now. So this is awkward but I mean if they can do that, that is pretty much it for you, isn't it? I mean you as well pack it in. Game over.


Mr. Pewterschmidt: (indicates his wife) Look at my wife! Do you think I love her?!
Lois Griffin: Wait a minute. Are you saying that two straight people who absolutely hate each other have more of a right to be married than gay people who love each other?!
Mrs. Pewterschmidt: Well, that's what we raised you to believe.