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Dan and Vanessa have relationship issues as she gets the spot in the writing program he wanted. He tells his friend Willa how she got in based on a story he wrote. She has her dad, a board member, reverse the decision.

Only problem? V actually did submit her own work. By the time Dan realizes it and tries to reverse what he did, she's pissed and ignoring his calls.


She spent the night at Nate's and she's walking around in his shirt after. It's going according to plan for Jenny until Nate gives her the old brotherly head-rub.

She turns to Chuck for how-to-steal-Nate advice, and J is happy to follow orders. She takes Nate's shirt and holds it so that S will see it.

Chuck's plan predicted that Serena's passive-aggressiveness will push Nate straight into Jenny's arms, and it almost, almost worked.

Nate feels rejected by S and Jenny tries to kiss him, only Serena comes in right at the moment ... and the two make up in the end.

Jenny's evil ways are also exposed as Serena learns she never gave Nate a key message she asked to deliver him.


She and Serena are supposed to get home first to explain everything to Rufus, but William gets there first. We learn that Lily has a "very treatable" cancer and William had been treating her in secret.

Serena and her dad have a heart to heart, of sorts. He says he was caught up in a Congolese civil war and did not intend to leave her.

Lily is not in the clear yet, because the results of some tests aren't very pleasant, and William makes a phone call to an unnamed person blackmailing him to write Lily another prescription. Real shady.


Because none of the eligible bachelors she invited to her rebound brunch came, Blair figures out that Chuck has issued a dating fatwa on her.

At the Brooklyn party, she sets his sight on a Columbia dude in an effort to make Chuck jealous and get on Gossip Girl, thus ending the fatwa.

But it doesn't work out, because Blair realizes she can't deny what a huge part of her Chuck will always be. Still, they are broken up... for now.

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i dont like J!


i need to see episode 19 im dying...does anyone know any sites where i can watch it :)


How can I see 19th episode?
I am from Ukraine and we do not have such channel as CW!!!


I hope that Blair and Chuck will be be back together:(


i love serena and nate...serena can never be with dan because they share a brother. nate is sweet n a good influence on her, and as a bonus they have better chemistry than dan and serena ever had.


To be honest, Chair not being Chair probably the most interesting Blair/Chuck storyling in a while.
I'm getting abit sick of Serena; is she ever single?
Dan and Vanessa are just stooopid. Vanessa thinks she's all innocent and wise but she's just as scheming and bitchy as Blair sometimes.
I FEEL SORRY FOR JENNY :'( Her and Nate totally need to hook up. She'd love him right, unlike a certain tall blonde poop face (Y)


I think that Chuck and Blair need to get together last episode of season 3. I like Serena and Nate together but they can get a bit boring. and Jenny is a bitch, but I'm sure you all knew that already!


cool glad i could help :)


Yep it did a lot thankss!


chair has to be togather again ok yeah chuck is a ahole but he deserves alittle forgiveness,yeah Id like to see him cry alittle and really fight for blair,but they truly belong as one chair all the way.....chair always........

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

It's a lot easier to sneak up on someone when you're not eight months pregnant and the person's not standing in front of a full-length mirror.


[on phone] It's not working exactly as I'd hoped. I need you to write Lily another prescription. Well, you can't back out now, I need you to make this work. And I doubt the authorities would be pleased to know what you've been doing.


Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 19 Music

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Two weeks Two Weeks Grizzly Bear iTunes
Song Lost Faith Telegraph Canyon
Song Put Your Hands Up Two Hours Traffic