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Today is FBI Agent Fornell's lucky day.  After leaving his bulletproof vest on by chance and after an attempt on his his life, he's forced to team up with NCIS and his pal, Agent Gibbs, to solve the case.  And, guess who's at the center of it all and the actual case -- their lovely ex-wife Diane Sterling.  Diane's investigation with the IRS lands her in harm's way, nearly gets her ex killed, and poor McGee is assigned to protect her.  McGee is the gentleman, but that still doesn't stop his ruthless co-workers from spreading rumors about his alleged escapade with the former Mrs. Fornell, Mrs. Gibbs, or Mrs. whatever she is these days.


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Oh well so much for the rumor that McGee was going to get to go undercover. All he got to do was be the butt of the joke again.


Welcome back Fornell!!!


I doubt this is a "McGee" episode. This thing with Diane will probably be the "comic relief" and not the plotline. He will have more scenes than usual, but that is probably it.


Too bad they couldn't have put up a photo from the actual episode instead of one from the season opener.


Can't wait!!! Love NCIS


This episode sounds great finale a McGee episode because resentful most episode have had Tiva or Abby and Gibbs as the b storyline