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The team is called in to investigate when a Navy Commander comes home to find her unemployed husband dead.  Meanwhile, Tony's father comes home for a Christmas visit.

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what channel is NCIS this showing on i cant find it anywhere


Ok, I wrote a fanfic about this ep and in my first draft I decided Tony had a twin bed and a gold fish, but ditch it as too implausible, Grrrrrr....no one will believe me now. Tony has major issues!


hello from france hope an kiss with tony and ziva merry xmas from france regard gerard


Oh this is gonna be a good episode! ^^


just know it will be a fun episode.


Eagerly anticipating this episode!

NCIS Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

Stewie: This was one crazy dude in college. Really knew how to have a good time.
Tony: Shut up. No way.
Stewie: Did he tell you he was the school mascot?
Tony: No! What was the MIT mascot?
McGee: Really. Does it matter?
Tony: Oh yes it does. Stewie?
Stewie: A beaver. He was Tim the Beaver our senior year.
Tony: Please tell me you dressed up like a beaver.

Tony Senior: What can I say? I'm me. I'm not gonna change.
Tony: I know. I know you're not gonna change. And I don't know why I was smiling because there's nothing funny about this. Dad this is my home. I told you my rules, okay? And you broke them. It was a mistake having you here for Christmas.
Tony Senior: You want me to leave.