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-Francis and Bash reunite to try to investigate the 'darkness'--the being in the woods that took the life of Bash's friend, Rowan.

-Nostradamus, while examining Olivia's wounds, finds a tooth, and declares that the 'darkness' is human.

-While hunting the 'darkness,' Francis spots a human hand torn from a body--which he presumes to be Rowan's. 

-He then falls through some ice and nearly dies.

-Bash saves him and they reconcile.

-Greer is caught kissing her lover, Leith, and her fiance calls off their engagement.

-Greer's former fiance becomes engaged to Lola, and Greer becomes engaged to Lord Casteroy instead.

-King Henry grows more insane with each passing day.

-A servant girl is elected "queen for the day" after finding a bean in a slice of cake, as part of an annual celebration.

-Queen Catherine entreats the winning servant girl, Penelope, to poison King Henry and put him into a coma, as his madness is making him a threat to court and to France--but Penelope has other plans.

-King Henry believes Penelope to be the true queen, and Penelope gives the poison to Queen Catherine instead, making her fall into a coma.

-King Henry, in his further madness, forces Kenna and Bash to wed.

-After the wedding, Bash reveals to Mary that he still loves her.

-Nostradamus and Olivia begin to forge a romantic connection.

-Leith is exiled to forced military service.



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