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Crowley still holds Bobby’s soul and it’s up to Bobby to take charge and find a way to get it back.

Using a few friends in the form of hunter Rufus and Sheriff Jody Mills, Bobby is able to bargain with the demon.

However, it is Sam and Dean that help him with his final plan by threatening to burn Crowley’s remains.

Bobby gets his soul back but unfortunately, the date with his neighbor just wasn’t meant to be.

Also, the introduction of international creatures and international hunters is brought to the mythology.

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Loved it keep it comming....


I agree that this episode felt much more like one of the early seasons than what has been done for the last two. Much less mythology, with the exception of the weird acting monsters and a bit of Sam is "different", and a lot more saving people, killing things. Loved seeing how Bobby spends his days, the running-gag with the peach cobbler was fun, the by-play between Bobby and Rufus was terrific. Jensen did a great job in his first time in the directors chair, he kept the action going and the tension high. He did have a great cast to work with of course, Jim Beaver is so wonderful as Bobby and Mark Sheppard is the perfect King of the Demons and of course that really tall guy is ok too.

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Bobby: Have you seen anything ... weird?
Marcy: You mean besides you?

Marcy: I love scary movies. Hey, have you seen "Drag me to Hell?"
Bobby: Trying to avoid it.